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Aiding in Compliance

The importance of compliance 

Many church leaders are unaware of the various legal requirements for non-profit organisations, such as the church.  Non-compliance to these legislative requirements can put its leadership and the church at risk.

We believe that our legal expertise can assist church leadership to systematically build in the necessary mechanisms to ensure the long-term sustainability of its organisation.

These are the legal compliance focal areas that we can provide assistance from a theological and holistic perceptive.

  • Registration of the church as a certified legal entity, either as a non-profit organisation, voluntary associations or non-profit trust.

  • Tax compliances, related to personal employee tax, UIF and workmen’s compensation.

  • Guideline to good accounting practices.

  • Implementation of the Popi Act for staff and members of the church.

  • Implementation of Health and Safety Act and conducting internal audits.

Dr. David D. Rajh on Aiding in Compliance

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