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Mission Statement

Mission statement: The South African Institute for Church Administration exists to help and support the local churches in the effective and efficient management of its organisation which will ultimately contribute to fulfilling the mission of advancing the gospel.


Dr. David D. Rajh

David is the founder of the South African Institute for Church Administration. He has over 25 years of ministry experience, serving the local church in the area of administration, both at an operational and executive level. Currently, he holds multiple executive positions within the church and serves on multiple NPO organisations. He has also worked in the corporate environment in various senior management positions for over two decades and has gained a wealth of experience in running multi-lateral organisations.


In addition to being a minister of the gospel, David has been blessed with the gift of administration in service of the church. He has lived and experienced when the ministry of administration is correctly applied within the church, resulting in significant growth and expansion.  He also acknowledges that over the years of ministry, he has made many leadership mistakes and has also acquired several life lessons which will better serve administrators in the execution of their functions. 

Why Church Administration?

The Church exists for the work of the mission, and for this to be accomplished, effective church administration is required. The growth and achievement of divine purpose and usefulness of a local church in society depend on the quality of leadership through effective and adequate use of administrative skills. Leadership and management skills are critical for both pastors and administrators to manage even the smallest congregation. 

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