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Reshaping the foundation of effective and efficient management in local churches in South Africa.

We are a church consultancy focussed on delivering  support services to local churches. You can access our management expertise through our directories.


We are committed to providing training at an executive and administrative level from a theological perceptive

Upskilling both pastors and staff is the key to effective administration of the church.


We have a simple approach to achieving compliance.

This encompasses a facilitatiion process of implementing healthy corporate governance model aligned to the mission and values of the church

High Fives

Church Consultancy

We aid the leadership of the church in addressing  the needs  in context of church health, this is tailored to every organisation (big or small) and contextualized according. Not a one fit all scenario

I highly commend that churches consider engaging with SA Institute for Church Administration to unlock the potential of this gift and capacity to optimise their God given mission and vision.

Prof H Jurgens Hendricks

University of Stellenbosch

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